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Meet Rev. Emily JoAnn Haynes

Meet Rev. Emily JoAnn Haynes Rev. Emily JoAnn Haynes is co-lead Pastor, along with her husband Caleb, at Kaleo Nashville Church of the Nazarene. Recently, Emily spoke to one of our Communities on Mission Launch Classes about her experience as an intern in Germany and how that helped to form …

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The Church as a Coffee Shop

The Church as a Coffee Shop Imagine a church where the doors are open as frequently as your favorite coffee shop. This is the dream God placed on Anemone’s heart, the city pastor of Offenbach, even before the Good Coffee Offenbach opened its doors a year ago. “Before we started …

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Three Words of Hope for the Church in Transition

Three Words of Hope for the Church in Transition Do you ever look around these days and ask; Where are we?  Where is the Church these days?  There is hope.Here is an article for your consideration. The words came out of my mouth before I realized what I was saying: “This is …

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Cafe Americano in the Middle of Everywhere

Cafe Americano in the Middle of Everywhere Talk about kingdom projects and crazy ideas. Take a look at this Kingdom Project happening in the Atlanta.  Refuge Coffee Co. feels like the front porch of Clarkston, Georgia. If you sit outside at one of the picnic tables long enough, you’ll hear …

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Heaven breaking into the lives of people in the city of Phoenix

Heaven Breaking Into the Lives of People in the City of Phoenix Jaime Levi is a Pastor of Trinatas Church in Phoenix, Arizona which is a collective of communities on mission to bring heaven on earth across Arizona. “We started asking: “What would it look like if instead of inviting …

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Hacking Into The Neighborhood

Hacking Into the Neighborhood When we think about the idea of Hacking Our Way into the neighborhood this video sure offers a novel / unique idea. How many of you do not know many of your neighbors on your street?Take a look!

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