Heaven breaking into the lives of people in the city of Phoenix

Jaime Levi is a Pastor of Trinatas Church in Phoenix, Arizona which is a collective of communities on mission to bring heaven on earth across Arizona. “We started asking: “What would it look if instead of inviting all the people we served to join us on Sunday, what if we just stayed there and hung out with them? What would it look like for the Kingdom of God to manifest in a specific location, wherever it was?” God had given Jaime and her husband a vision similar to what we have been learning about communities on mission, and it was a talk by Cris Zimmerman that put language to what they were trying to do. Watch the video below to learn more about Jaime’s journey with communities on mission. https://vimeo.com/530918494/cb1f906df3

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In 2015, one million refugees fled their homes and sought asylum in Germany. Our church community began to have conversations with the city to determine how we could become active in the refugee community. We wanted to simply build relationships with the people. In April, 2018, we started a project called SpielMobil (spielen means “to play”). Every other week, we bring a van full of activities and toys to refugee camps we partner with to play with the kids and build relationships with the parents. https://vimeo.com/441998839/6dc8142998

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Berliner Bar

One of the most frustrating things as a local pastor for Cris, who is one of our founders, was standing at the church door every Sunday waiting for people to come to the Church.German culture is now a post-Christian society and traditional ministry methods stopped working long ago.Cris recognized this and determined he would no longer wait by the door, but go out and join the mission field in his own city: Frankfurt. That’s why he started Church in Action. https://vimeo.com/434293925/851f441aee

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