Join over 1000+ pastors who have attended one of Dr. Philip Zimmermann’s workshops in recent months.


topics covered

Get ready to be introduced to a ministry pathway that could give you the kind of passion back that you had when you first started out in ministry. 

Without a doubt you will walk away from this webinar excited about new ministry possibilities. 

If you are intrigued by a simple pathway that can move your church to being on mission and reaching new people, this webinar is for you. 

Prepare yourself to get a ministry philosophy that is sustainable and life giving.

Why NOW is the right time?

Join over a 1000+ pastors who attended one of Dr. Philip Zimmermanns workshops in recent months and are implementing what they are learning.

who this workshop is for

Pastors, church planters, and Christian leaders who are ready to shift their approach to missional ministry in order for their church to become more missional within their current context.

In this free 60-minute online workshop, Dr. Philip Zimmermann will cover five keys to unlocking the missional potential of your church and reaching new people. His insights come out of 14 years of urban ministry as the founder and co-leader of Church in Action in Germany who minister to a postmodern and post-Christian generation in bars, clubs and brothels.


Dr. Philip Zimmermann

Founder Church in Action

Dr. Philip Zimmerman is the co-founder and pastor of Church in Action which is an urban ministry in Germany who ministers to a postmodern and post-Christian generation in bars, clubs and brothels.

He is a social entrepreneur, pastor and church planter who has started and led many churches, non-profits, and businesses. He loves to challenge Pastors and leaders to lead churches that bring heaven to earth.

Philip received a Bachelor of Arts in Religion, a Masters of Arts in Spiritual Formation and a Doctorate of Strategic Leadership. He is also a published author and church consultant.

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